Karin (akrinkat) wrote,

I realize no one really reads these, but it's worth a shot.

It's been an interesting week.

I went to the dentist and didn't have a major freak out. I was really happy about this, but I did have to have Chris drive me because the doctor asked me to take valium before I come in to take the edge off. I'm sure it give him a better working environment as well.

Since Sunday I have also needed to think about alot more things. Stephanie has decided she will be moving out in December and I need to look for a new roommate. I understand her reasoning, it's just a little more stress on me than I expected so soon. I knew we wouldn't be living together next year (most likely), but I wasn't planning on having to figure everything out so quickly. I have a list of things that she is contributing to the house now (furniture, kitchen stuff) and will hopefully have it replaced by the time she moves out and the new person moves in. My other problem is finding a new person. I had such a bad experience with my other roommates I am very reluctant to just pick someone out of the blue to come live with me. I have a few options, but for some reason I don't think they are going to pan out the best. If anyone knows anyone in the area who needs a place to live beginning in Jan or maybe even december, let me know. I know its silly to look so early, but better to be prepared. I think in november I will start looking actively.
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