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Time to update

so it's been a while.

i have been overly stressed lately. I have a bunch of midterms coming up in the next two weeks. I wouldn't be so worried, but these once a week classes are making it hard for me to get into the groove of things. I feel so far behind in everything and at the same time trying to balance work, and chris, and friends, and family who all want to hang out. I tend to favor doing the fun (who would have thought) over the school part. I am babysitting this weekend so hopefully that will help me focus and be able to do the actual homework I need to get done to enjoy MY weekend next week. I applied for two internships with Union Bank yesterday. Both are for a strategic planner, but one is in downtown LA, and one is in San Francisco. They are full time and paid. I don't think I would lose any of my seniority with the bank, and might even be able to keep my benefits. I would probably have to find another teller position, but I don't think that would be a problem. I wouldn't mind commuting a little if I needed to. My temporary crown fell off last night while I was flossing. Luckily it doesn't hurt, the dentist wanted me to come in right away saying I might gain sensitivity, but when I explained I lived in San Marcos and worked in Escondido they seemed to understand that it would be difficult for me to make it in. Today will be a busy day, work and alot of homework, need to get ready for a presentation on monday. The big bummer for this weekend is that Chris and I are doing our own Valentines Day on Sunday. We are going to go to museum and then go to get some sort of food, any suggestions for casual dining in the Balboa park area or so would be appreciated. I suppose I should get ready for work or something like that.
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