Karin (akrinkat) wrote,

An Update, cause if I don't someone will get mad.

You are lucky I can type right now, I'm on Percocet.

So Info from last weekends, I was unlawfully towed and stuck in CV. Good news- I am getting my money back.

Info from this weekend: I have been having uncontrollable pain from that damn right ovary *shakes fist angrily*. So Vicodin no longer works, unless I take 3. Seeing as I only have like 10 pills left that won't get me anywhere. I call up the doctors and he is out of town and the nurse tells me to go to the ER. So I go to school, yes school. I had alot of things to do and I had to be in school to do them. Mom drives up to me and we hit the ER in Escondido, whoops Hospital is full. By this time I hurt so badly I can't drive. Mom drives me to CV and we get in and they want to do a Pelvic exam (boo), and then do an internal and an external Ultrasound. Which I inform the doctor will show nothing as it did last October. So we waste our time doing it anyways. I was tested for all sorts of STD's 300 times, and asked in there was any possibility I was pregnant 3 million times. So to shut me up temporarily they shoot me with morphine, crazy SOB's. So after being there until like 12 we are given the go ahead to leave with a nice prescription for percocet. Then I get a lecture from a lady who says be careful cause it's addictive and they want me to be safe, but she thinks i need the pills cause of my history of a ridiculous amount of pain. Cool. I called in sick today. I have to go to school tomorrow, and Im light headed so i have to go to bed now. I love you all and I want to talk to your guys so please leave me a message on one of the many places I have to leave messages. good night.
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