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We will begin with a bit of not so fun background.
So last wednesday (not yesterday, but the wednesday before) I was down in CV and playing bunko with mom and her cheer ladies. We received a phone call from Mormor saying she wasn't feeling well and needed her trash cans out for the next morning. So we get there, and she can hardly breathe, her lips are blue (which surprisingly is fairly normal for her), she had a fever of 101.9 and had a sever pain in her stomach which had been there since the removal of fluid from the sack holding her lung. She had this procedure done twice, the first time they removed over a liter of fluid and we discovered her breast cancer cells were in the fluid. When she had it done the second time (2 tuesdays ago) they took 950 ml of fluid. Both of these procedures came with ALOT of pain. So, fast forward to that wednesday. Mom and I decided Mormor needed to go to the hospital. I took her to the ER while mom finished up some things. So they get her in take her right away, cardiac echo, chest xray, bloodwork, CT scan, etc. News is there is more fluid... 2 days later. Now it's surgery time. They get in, put in a chest tube, and a drain in her lung with some talcum powder (weird right?) She has to be in the hospital until there isn't anymore draining. So draining ends Monday, she goes home and is finally getting better. I saw her yesterday and she is walking with a cane (weird) but doing very well. Mom and I spent alot of time in the hospital, emily helped out tremendously by taking care of Andre and Bing (dog and bird). In summary, we were scared there for a while, but all is well again.

On to the fun things. CSU San Marcos rocks my friggin socks. I LOVE my teachers. Yes I said it, and in fact I might actually enjoy school this year (SHOCK!!). I am so excited to be going somewhere where even when I am sitting alone, I feel this weird sense of belonging (yes it's insane). I am so much more comfortable talking to people here, I don't feel like I am being judged. Books were more expensive, which right now is the only negative. oh well. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I will in fact be going to grad school. So far I want to do Organizational Leadership. We'll see how the next two years go, but I am going to talk to a counselor soon. Oh I ride my bike to school. And i actually enjoy it. Sometime i have issues getting up the hill, but it's not too bad. I also met a friend, who KNITS! (yes steph it's true) So she wants to hang out and knit sometime and go to a bar which has some sort of knitting time. which will be cool. She is super nice and I am excited to have someone in my classes who I will get along with. So yay for me!

I don't know what else to talk about... toodles.
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School is infinitely better when you enjoy it ;)
invite her to knitting circle!