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It's one of those days...

So it is the last day of classes before finals.

Pile on the stress.

I have a final saturday, monday, and tuesday. The final on monday is just turning in 3 essays I need to write before then, which is good, but time consuming. I think I can pull the grades I want, but to keep the luck up I have decided to not talk about the grades I want anymore.

I am feeling very relationship-y today, but I have to control it because it is annoying to everyone including myself. Hopefully I will be over it by the time I see Chris later.

I would really like to crawl into a hole and just stay there until graduation, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Work has decided Karin is a workaholic. which she is not. I lost my friday off and my monday off next week. I told them that I needed the 31st off and if they schedule me I am not coming in. I hope they believe me.

So if anyone needs me I will prolly be in the library starting tonight until Sunday. You'll know it's me by the glow of the apple on my computer, the pile of papers on the desk, and the panicked look on my face.

When this is all over I'm going out for Martini's.
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