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So I hate school. I don't like it there one bit. I was thinking about transferring somewhere else. I have heard alot of good things about CSU San Marcos. The classes are smaller, the teachers are more helpful. Every semseter I find at least one teacher at SDSU I really like. But as I slink into upper division, I become increasingly afraid that I will get lost in the shuffle and not graduate within the next couple years. I spoke with a girl who hated going to UCSD (Sorry Jules) and she transferred to CSU San Marcos and loves it. Says parking is easy, teachers are helpful (Though she admits the classes may have been more demanding at USCD). So currently that is where I am. It's about an hour drive in traffic (so I was told). If I decide to do this, I will need to figure out all the transfer jazz, I could stay in lower division one more semester but then I am guarenteed to graduate in a total of 5 years, I would have to see if I could transfer in the spring, if I want to get out in 4 1/2. Also is the topic of moving. I could commute, but I don't know if it would just be easier to move a little bit closer to the school. And if I do move it will mean that I would have to find a closer to san marcos job. so many things to think about...sigh.
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