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I don't want to go to work!

I really don't. I would like to stay at home and drink coffee while watching re-runs of judging amy and ER. I also wish I could get away with NOT wearing Nylons. Which brings me to a random fact. Nylons were invented very close to the same time in both New York and London...hence NY-Lon's. yeah I'm a dork. I get to wear my polka do shoes... I love them. So cute! I have also come to the conclusion that I don't really like Starbucks' hot drinks (sorry tina) I think I like the random coffee houses better. Starbucks still makes good cold drinks tho. Poor tequila is passed out on the chair. I wish I didn't have to lock her up in her cage while I'm at work, she seems so sad. Anyways, pray for my survival at work...I will be.
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